Monday, October 12, 2009


It has been a chaotic couple of days. Friday we left home to head to Tillamook, where hubby and I were taking a guide out fishing on Saturday. Grandma came along to watch the kids in the hotel while we were gone. It really was a ton of fun. It was just the three of us on the boat, and he was a super nice guy. We caught a couple beautiful Coho Salmon, one of them the biggest I had ever seen, (big enough we all thought it was a Chinook at the time), but they were wild and not hatchery so we couldn't keep them. Hubby hooked a couple Chinook that got off, hence is the nature of fishing. No fresh salmon to take home to eat, but at least it was fun. The weather was about as gorgeous as you could ask for in October on the Oregon Coast, and the Dramine worked. I didn't get seasick at all! :) I guess it helped that God was really helping a girl out....the ocean was about as flat as it gets that close to shore, even the guide commented how unusually calm the water was. :)

We just hung out in Tillamook after fishing, stayed one more night at the hotel, and headed home to watch some football and try to relax yesterday. Well, it ended up not being a very relaxing day, but hey....we all have those days, right? :)

On other fronts, last week I got some very discouraging feedback about a few things I had been working on. I'll give you more information in the future, but a prayer that God helps us to stay focused on the path He has chosen would be greatly appreciated.

Of course I can not make a post without mentioning the orphan crisis and pointing out another fabulous family trying to make an impact. They are trying to adopt from Ethiopia and are gathering funds to get their dossier ready to send off. At least head over there and take a look. Maybe even send someone you know to their blog to read about them. You never know who may be moved to help a family help an orphan come home to a loving forever family! And really, just helping ONE orphan makes a difference.


Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for linking to us. We appreciate it lots!!