Friday, December 26, 2008

Calgon, take me away...

I can't believe it has been a month since my last post. Well, actually I can. It has been hectic. And if I have time to update a blog, I have been doing the childrens.

Work has been super busy. It seems like there is always something to do and I feel like I can never catch up. The first 3 weeks after Thanksgiving we had 7 apartments to turn. One turnover takes from 2-4 days, depending. So that has taken almost every free moment I have had.

The children are doing well, but Isaac has been a handful. I am at my wits end and do not know what to do. He has started these Earth shattering temper tantrums. Biting, hitting, screaming, flailing around, throwing things...I have tried everything I can think of or have read about or have had the pediatrician suggest. He is my laughing little boy one minute, then if he doesn't get what he wants or Jazmine makes him mad...on comes the temper tantrum. There has been numerous times that I am so exhausted by the end of the day, I just cry. I feel like I am failing as a mother. Everyone says "It's a stage"...well I'll tell you where this "stage" can be shoved!!

Then the middle of December, Mother Nature decided to dump a little extra "winter weather" on us. Snow came down like crazy, causing the ODOT to require chains to get around for periods of time off and on. Lenny's job site was shut down because they were outside, so more time with no income. Then in the middle of the "Arctic Blast", while Seattle continued to get snow, we got 2 inches of freezing rain. Oh, and did I mention that that 2 solid inches of ice was on top of the layer of 8 inches of snow we had? There was so much snow and ice everywhere, that trees were falling like crazy. So of course that means these falling trees were bound to hit a few power lines. At one point in time, more than 57,000 were without power. Of course we were part of that large number. And then just for fun in the middle of that, Mother Nature gave us another 6 inches of snow, and one more inch of freezing rain! She has been so generous this year!!!! I'll take the snow anytime, but the ice I could do without!

The first two days without power we stayed here at the apartment. We ate cereal and PB&J and hung out and tried to stay warm. Unfortunately these apartments are not well built, and therefore they do not keep the warm air in. Actually, you can feel a breeze inside on a windy day. So by the start of day 3, when we could see our breath in the air, we decided it was time to jump ship. Thankfully a friend from highschool of Lenny's (actually his sisters' BFF) moved to town a few weeks ago, and they welcomed us with open arms! (Thanks, you guys are the best!!) Late Christmas Eve, the power finally came back on, after 4 1/2 days. So we headed home!! In all honesty, I felt like a failure finding a place to go, because a couple years ago in Seattle we were without power for 7 days. But we had a fireplace so we kept warm even though Jazmine was just a baby. Anyway....

Christmas was nice. The children love their gifts, and then we spent Christmas day with Mindy, Adrian, and their two little girls. (They are the ones who took us in for those couple days.) Watched a movie, splurged on beer and wine, had a nice Prime Rib dinner and watched the children all play together. And did a good amount of laughing and chatting.

This past weekend was busy again, because we are still cleaning up storm damage around the apartment complex. Lots of trees and branches down. Plus we have had bad wind the last two days so more branches and mess keep accumulating. Not to mention the garbage. It was like everyone thought they could litter all over the complex and it would be hidden by the snow. Well, it was. For a while. Now it seems like everywhere I look there is trash to clean.

This week will also be a little hectic. We have 2 more apartments that have been vacated, and 2 more at the beginning of next week. Once again, it will keep my "free" time to a minimum. As for New Years, still no plans. I think New Years Day I will make homemade pizza with the children. A very dear friend of mine introduced me to that tradition a long time ago, and I did it every year except last year. I know Jazmine is going to have fun with it. Isaac too, since it's both of their favorite food!

I really hope things settle back down soon, so I can start keeping up again!!