Monday, October 26, 2009

Talking to the Church

The other day I emailed the Pastor at church in charge of Missions asking about what all we have done for our missions activities. Our church goes to Mexico once a year to build a house for a homeless family, and once they built 2 churches. And then one year the High School youth group volunteered at an orphanage for a week. We also have a couple whom the church helps support the work they do, and they are now leaving for Cambodia to help run a school that teaches Missionaries. All good things, all GOD things. But I feel like we can do more.

We also have the Dream Center....every Saturday people go into neighborhoods, knock on doors, and say "Hey, do you need anything?" They mow lawns, run errands, pull weeds, haul away garbage, whatever the people need. Also, the children of the neighborhoods are invited every Saturday to a local middle school where we have been given use of the gym and cafeteria. There are youth groups meeting, crafts, food, games...things that these less fortunate children wouldn't normally get to experience. Another HUGE thing that came out of this was a Free Medical Clinic. It is so hard to get health care here in Oregon from the state if you don't have any other insurance. (I should diabetic husband was denied when we had a monthly income of $600 to support a family of 4!!) Anyway....this is another FABULOUS thing our church is doing. I love it, and it makes me happy. A good thing, a GOD thing. :) But I feel like we can do more.

So today I have emailed the church again, but this time to talk about Amazima and 147MillionOrphans. PLEASE wish me luck and send prayers. I have this deep feeling in the very depths of me, that there is more I should be doing in some way. My next step is to see if I can get the our church to pay attention. I'll let you know how it goes!!