Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mocha Club

One of the websites I have been so excited about officially launched it's new site last night, and I am can't wait to shop! Family reading this.... chances are your Christmas gifts will come from here... ;)

Now, as I was clicking around on the new site and reading the "Read Me" section, they had ministries listed that are good ones to check out. The first one, AMAZINA.org is already one that I support and LOVE the things they are doing. There was another one on the list that caught my eye, too. It was the Mocha Club. Now, I am thinking it is my obsession with coffee that caused me to notice it, but either way I did. And I am glad I did!

It is an organization where you donate $7 a month (about the cost of 2 Mocha's) to support a project they are supporting in Africa. As soon as I saw they had one for Orphans/Vulnerable Children, I was sold. Of course I immediately signed up. Now this is where I ask for your help. If you think you'd be interested in helping out, PLEASE click the logo below and go join my team of people helping that I am trying to build. And if you AREN'T interested, could you help and just please pass the info on? Send someone else here to see if they may be interested. THANK YOU so much for your help!!