Saturday, July 31, 2010

Would you give this to YOUR children?

Charity:Water is the organization our Recycle Love Festival is working with on the sale of our t-shirts. Buying just one t-shirt will give 3 children in Africa clean drinking water for one year. At only $10 a shirt, that is a fabulous deal! They are super soft and comfy, and we just got the last of our shipment in! So ALL SHIRTS are here and ready to be sent out!! Head on over to the the RECYCLE LOVE FESTIVAL page and snag a tee and give clean water!!! And check out this video.... it takes what over 1.1 billion people in the world do daily and puts it right into our own homes.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bring Baby Walser HOME!!

I am so excited!!! A wonderful blog friend just received a referral for a precious 4 yr old baby girl!! They were JUST placed on the waiting list officially on Friday, but they got an immediate referral as soon as they opened up their hearts to an older child. This precious girl has been on the waiting list for a while now, but older children are harder to place. The hard part her is that usually it takes a while to get a referral so there was going to be time to fund raise....but since the referral was immediate there is not that time. They have only 7 days to raise the $8300 needed to say "YES let us have our baby girl"! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE head on over to their blog and help this baby girl get a forever family!! Every little bit helps. I am so excited to watch God work His miracles to have this happen!

There are a few different ways to help out.... you can just drop by and donate even $5 (come one....that is the price of a coffee!). You could buy some of their adorable t-shirts they have, or you can sponsor a piece of this puzzle they are putting together.

And the last way you can help is by visiting my Etsy shop.... ANY orders that come in until August 6th, 100% will be donated to their referral fee. So if you need a birthday invitation, baby shower invitation, baby announcement, or anything like that, you get what you need, a baby girl gets a forever family, and the Walser's get help bringing their girl's a win-win-win situation! :)


Friday, July 23, 2010

T-Shirts are IN!!!!!

The Recycle Love T-shirts are IN!!  And they look fabulous!!
$10 to get a shirt....and each shirt sold will provide clean drinking water for a year for 3 children in Africa!

Go to the Festival website to orders yours today!
Any payments that are received today will ship out TOMORROW!  Anything ordered over the weekend ships out Monday!  


Monday, July 19, 2010

Give Clean Water!!!

Our design is finished for our Recycle Love Festival T-Shirts!! They are printed on American Apparel Tri-Cotton blend and will be super comfy!! The shirts are $10 and the best part is.....with each sale, THREE children in Africa will have clean water for one year!!! So instead of children drinking this....

You will be giving the gift of clean water!!

Here is the design for the me if you'd like to help the children and pre-order one!!