Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday..... Election Day. Have you voted yet or are you going to???

Our ballots are already completed and sent back in.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I love your blog

I got tagged (awarded) with the "I love your blog" pic from my fabulous friend Ame. I thought it would be fun to continue and join in myself!!!

The rules are . . .

1 - Add the logo to your blog.
2 - Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3 - Nominate at least 7 other
4 - Add links to their blogs.
5 - Leave a comment for your nominees on their blogs!

I think there are at least 7 blogs I love to check out!! :) Okay, these will not be in any particular order, but here I go...

Ame~ One of the first friends I made in 7th grade when I moved to Walla Walla. She was always the best person in the world to act goofy with! I miss her dearly, but LOVE to read her blog. I get upset when she isn't blogging often enough!

Robin~ A mommy friend. :) I love seeing all the fabulous videos and pics of the family that she posts

Brandi~ I love checking out Brandi's blog. Her family is precious, and she is an amazing photographer. There is always something fun to check out!

Robin~ A very talented mommy and who just joined the "mommy of two" club. Her family just relocated to FL from CA and I love keeping up with her fabulous boys!

Tracie~ Yet another mommy who's blog I love to follow to watch her adorable family!!

Mommy to Quentin and Parker. She lives in Idaho but maybe she'll get this way sometime! Until then, I have her blog.

Helen~ Crazy Miss Helen! She is so goofy and her blog is always full of fun stuff that makes me laugh!

Liana~ I like keeping up on the happenings of Liana and Evan, though she doesn't blog nearly often enough!

Cara~ She hasn't been blogging very long but I love reading about Sawyer, the baby on the way and all of her opinions!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I am....

I have been digiscrapping for about a year now, and I always use the children for pages. Twice I have done pregnancy pages (without ever seeing my face), but this is the first page I have ever done that was about just me. Thought I'd share. ***if you click on the image, it gets big enough to allow you to see/read the journaling***

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rainy Saturday Morning

Wow! Another crazy busy week. Some days I can barely catch my breath. Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch (pics on children's blog) and had company for the night. Doris, Kristi, Kayla, Monea, and Nate all came early Sunday to spend the day and night with us all.

The children have caught the stupid cold going around, but Isaac was REALLY struggling to breath so Monday I took him to the doctor. They diagnosed him with asthma....and pretty bad at that. So he is now on two different inhalers. (Again, update on children's blog.) Part of my daily routine is now to hold down a screaming kicking child to give him his doses. He hates it and I literally have to practically sit on him. He is too strong, and if he moves and the mouth piece they gave me for him moves, he needs another dose. Ugh!

Every single day this week has been busy for work here at the complex. And being as the children are sick, it makes it even harder to do the work. Wednesday I was cleaning an apartment, and for the first 20 mins the children were fine, but after that because they just didn't feel good and were cranky, I had to listen to them scream and cry for another hour. Finally I couldn't take it any longer and took them home. I love that I can work with them with me, but some days it is so much harder. On top of that I have caught the kids cold, so I dont' have my usual energy.

Today Lenny has school, and my plan was to get caught up on housework, since I have been slacking on that this week. I dont' have my energy, and I have been so busy that I can't do everything. So something needs to slide...and better housework than my job and everything else I am trying to keep balanced. Anyway...probably won't catch up on the house today because I still have to work. Hopefully the children cooperate and I can get finished up quick.

Other than that, tomorrow hopefully will be to relax and watch some football, then all the craziness starts again on Monday. Hopefully I have more energy by then!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


OMG! I am in total overload this Fabulous Friday Morning! Okay, well actually, YESTERDAY was overload, today I have coped and have a "To Do" list so I feel back in control again.

Tuesday was payday from the apartment complex. (My first paycheck in 3 years!!!!) Very Happy But we spent 5 hours that evening paying bills, getting Lenny new work boots, Isaac his new shoes, and $10 worth of Halloween decorations at the dollar store. And all day long on Tuesday I had work at the complex to do. Cleaning, gardening, etc...

Wednesday Lenny only worked half a soon as I picked him up from work we went and got him a haircut then came home. We had a TON of work at the complex to do. I had lots of little stuff to take care of and DH had to start repairs on apartment 10, which is the one that had the fire in the kitchen. (I just have to say that lots of little stuff is still hard because the children "help" me. )

We spent all day yesterday at apartment 56 (not that you care the's just easier for me to explain that way... Wink ) Just the bathroom took me almost two hours. The couple taking that apartment moves in tomorrow. (And I still need to head over in a little bit and touch up the paint and mop the kitchen floor...then it's done! )

As soon as the children were no longer going to cooperate "helping mommy clean" 56, we packed up to go grocery shopping and pay more bills. By the time we got home, we unloaded groceries and I finished dinner. And got the groceries put away.

My children, my husband, and my dog are a full time job. So since I have been so busy this week I have not really had a chance to do that much cleaning up after them. By the time last night came along I couldn't take anymore. You could not see my table top at all,
my kitchen counters were nowhere to be seen, the dishwasher was full of clean dishes and the sinks were both full of dirty dishes. There were dog toys and children toys everywhere. My dirty laundry is overflowing, and I still have a load of clean clothes that need folded and put away. Oh, in the middle of the week sometime the children took all of their clothes out of their dresser so I just scooped them up and they are on top of the dresser.

I was so bothered by the messiness of the house (I honestly can NOT handle my house messy) plus the fact that I still have to paint and mop 56 that I had two different panic attacks last night. One was tiny and I kept going through it. One I actually had to sit down and force myself to take deep breaths so I could get my heart to stop racing and stop being dizzy. I think the biggest part of it is that my house was so overwhelmingly dirty in my mind that I could barely decide where to start. And after an hour I felt like it looked like I hadn't even made progress.

Also I was stressing because I wanted to have 56 ready for the couple to look at today when they sign paperwork, so I was trying to get the house clean and children in bed so I could sneak over to 56 to finish it in the middle of the night by myself. However Diana told me they will see it on Saturday when they move in, and I don't need to stress because she can't believe I have gotten that apartment cleaned and turned as fast as I did. (They didn't even move out until Monday).

Anyway.....this was long and pointless and now I feel so silly that I was so overwhelmed last night. Embarassed Okay then..... Wink Well, today by 9AM I will pack up the kids and head back over to 56 to finish. They I have some gardening in the complex to do. Then I will come home, start my laundry, finish cleaning (I couldn't TRULY clean last night cuz all my cleaning stuff is in 56), research which pumpkin patch/corn maze to take the children to this weekend and then HOPEFULLY have time to Photoshop since it relaxes me. Oh, and MIL, SIL, and two neices are coming to visit for the night on Sunday.