Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beautiful Things

Two posts in three days??  REALLY?!?!  Am I sick?  Nope!  I just have FABULOUS people and events to write about!!  <3

I have said it before, and forewarning, I will say it again,  I love the people I meet doing what I do!  One of them is Mitzi.  I just gave Mitzi's blog a makeover, and in the process started getting to know a wonderful woman with a heart for Jesus who knows that daily she needs Him.  Mitzi and her family are following the Lord and moving to Zambia with LifeSong soon, and with everything that has been happening in their life, she is hosting a giveaway in celebration!  (and I LOVE a good giveaway *almost* as much as I love the people I meet!)  She has some adorable items up for grabs, along with some credit towards my design site.  Head over and check it out!  And while you are there, read up about Mitzi, her family, and their heart.  I know you'll be glad you did!!



Monday, June 20, 2011

On Distant Shores

One of my favorite things in bloggy world has been the people I have been blessed enough to "meet".  Some of them have just been through finding each others blogs, and others have been through my designing blogs.  The following family I met when I did their blog.  Robert and Darbi are a wonderful couple in the beginning stages of a domestic adoption.  They just finished their homestudy and are in the waiting stage.  While they wait, they need to raise funds. 

They have these adorable t-shirts they have designed that they are selling.  You will notice on the tee's and on their blog the dandelion.  While Darbi and I were interacting about her blog, she explained to me WHY the dandelion.......  "I love the dandelions. They are so symbolic to me. There was a song that helped me so much through such a rough year last year that says "Dandelions, you (God) see flower's in these weeds". What is so fascinating about these is that through their weed state (their death) comes new life from the seeds. I think it totally symbolize what our lives are about and even more so what God put in motion to bring about this adoption."

Please take a minute and stop on over at On Distant Shores and say hello.  Maybe even buy a great shirt for a fabulous reason, or donate just because.  <3