Thursday, August 7, 2008


What is it about dreams?

I refuse to ever really have a breakdown. Don't have time. When something happens that would normally cause someone to have a little breakdown, I take about three to five minutes to temporarily panic, stress, cry or whatever. Then that's it. Suck it in, lock it up, get practical. Put on the smile. Is it healthy? Well, probably not. But currently it works for me. I keep busy during the day to keep those feelings locked away. I try to not let them surface. If they do, I take a deep breath a push them away.

But there is something about dreams. What you lock away surfaces. And you wake and it's so real. A voice. A touch. A smell. A feeling. It's like you are actually right there in that moment again. Would the dreams be less vivid if everything wasn't locked up tight? Would the dreams be gentler on my soul if I allowed myself my righteous breakdown? One of these days maybe I'll find out. Until then.........