Friday, August 1, 2008

Creature of habit

Isn't it funny how our bodies get "trained"?

Now, don't yell at me, but Lenny can NOT wake up to an alarm clock. Just does not happen. He doesn't hear it. So my routine is that I wake up, get some coffee, spend a couple minutes relaxing, then wake him up. When he was here in Salem, he didn't need to get up until 6:30. So I woke up at 6:15. After a couple weeks, I always woke up before the alarm clock. He is working in Lebanon now, which is a 38 mile commute, so he is up at 5:55 to be out the door by 6:10. I am finally starting to get used to getting up at 5:45, but the first couple days were so hard! But by 6:15 (what had been my wake up time) I am ready to conquer the world. And then today I noticed that by 6 I was ready to go. Slowly training my body to be up. I like that it's so easy for me to be such a morning person, but for the life of me I can never sleep in. If I sleep until 7 I feel like I wasted my entire morning!

It's kind of crazy, how I like to be spontaneous, yet at the same time I take such comfort in my routines. I guess I just easily can go with the flow. If something comes up at the last second, I love it and am perfectly adaptable. Otherwise, I stick to my schedule.

From the time Lenny leaves at 6:10 until 7:30 is "my" time. I watch the news, drink my coffee, and mess around on the computer. After 7:30 is an unknown. It all depends on when the children wake up. From 11-12, I get a little more time to myself, with Jazmine watching her show and resting, Isaac napping, and me messing around on Photoshop or something (while watching my show). Soon as Isaac wakes up it's lunch time then we are typically out the door. A walk to the park, the store, or just playing outside. By 3 we are back inside and I start working on dinner while cleaning up the house. The kids are usually playing in their room, or destroying what I have just cleaned. :) Lenny is home at 4:15, he takes the children back outside to play for a few minutes while I finish dinner, then it's time to eat. After dinner, it's more play time with the children. Baths around 7:00, bedtime about 8:30. Once the children are asleep, kitchen gets cleaned, living room and bathroom get cleaned back up, and by 10 it's "me" time again. I usually like to spend a half hour to hour watching some TV or reading before going to bed by 11.

It is tough going to bed at 11, getting up with Isaac every hour or two, and then getting up in the morning by 5:45, but my "me" time is so important, I am willing to sacrifice my sleep to get it!