Thursday, May 15, 2008

Go Whitney!!!!

So yes, I admit it, I watch America's Next Top Model. It's one of those shows where I like to watch it when I can, but I don't go out of my way to watch it like I do for Grey's Anatomy. Last night, though, I did make an extra effort because it was the season finale. And I have to say "Way to Go" to the winner Whitney. She is the first "Full Figured" model to make it into the final, yet alone to actually win. I was very excited to see her win!!!

Prior to getting pregnant with Jazmine was really the first time I was finally comfortable with my body. But the sad part is I barely broke the scales at 100 lbs. Post pregnancy body was another hurdle to overcome, but just about the time I got pregnant with Isaac I was starting to get comfortable with how I looked again. Now, the post Isaac pregnancy body I am so disgusted with I can barely look in the mirror long enough to straighten my hair or put makeup on for church.

So it was nice to see someone win something that was based on beauty in an industry where a size 6 is asking for someone to tell you that you are too fat. It was a reminder that though I may not be happy with how I look, I really am "average". And hopefully someday soon I can be happy with that.


Anonymous said...

i saw her on the regis show this morning and it makes me sick that people call her a full figured model, she is a size 8-10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that makes me so horrible obese i shouldn't be able to walk. SICK SICK SICK!!! i would give anything to be a 8-10 and still be called a full figured model, it that is full i am fat as hell!

Braiden and Family said...

I am really happy she won too!! Its nice to know you don't have to be 5'10 and 90lbs to be considered beautiful!