Thursday, May 15, 2008

5 minutes is all I'm allowed

Yesterday I gave myself 5 minutes to cry, freak out, and have a panic attack. Then that was it. Time to get to figuring things out. With the state of the economy (have I said Thank You, President Bush??) everyone is tightening down on money. Well, Lenny is a construction electrician, and there is no new construction going on around here right now. No money for it. Buildings that are in the middle of being built are just sitting there and I haven't seen workers there in over 2 months. Three people from his company on his current job site have already been laid off this week. If we make it through tomorrow without a slip, we know we have at least one more week. I have put it into God's hands. However, I have also taken it into my own hands because that is what I do.

I emailed an old contact from back in the day, filled him in on what is going on, and all I have to do is say the word and I could start work tomorrow. I told him that I will only need work if Lenny gets laid off, and he said no problem. Whatever I need. Whenever I need it. It's nice to know that I was such a valued worker that even 5 years after leaving the company I can still get the all star treatment. Now lets just hope I don't have to go back, and when I start working it will be on my terms and because I want to!!


Braiden and Family said...

I have an old boss like that. Its nice to know that even after we have spent a few years as SAHM's, we can still fall back into the workforce with the help of an old manager. ((Thats why I never try to burn bridges, often you need to cross back over them!))
I am praying for you and Lenny, God has an amazing plan for you, you are a great person, I am sure all will work wonderfully!))