Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Recycle Love Festival 2010

At the end of the night on Saturday, a dear friend asked me how I felt. The word that came to mind was "humbled". That one confused her as it was the last thing she expected to hear. She was thinking I'd be breathing a sigh of relief that it was over, and excited that it went so fabulously, (and I did feel those) but first and foremost I felt humbled. The whole day we could just feel the Holy Spirit working and it was humbling. God doesn't need any of us to do things for Him. But He loves us so, and CHOOSES us to do His work. Well over 300 people showed up and hearts were stirred. People were in tears from the words of our musicians and speakers. The worship at the end of the night had a TANGIBLE feel of God's presence. Saturday nights Festival was an event not soon to be forgotten, and it had nothing to do with us. And I couldn't be happier!!

Being as we jumped into this head first with NO IDEA what we were doing....everyone rolled with the punches fabulously. Satan worked hard to deter I posted about before. But by the time show time came along, we had everything we needed and MORE! We had vendors who were able to share about their organizations, fundraising, etc... Musicians were able to showcase their talents, and guest speakers we were so honored to have! Show Mercy International talked of orphans, starving children, lack of clean water and their Field of Dreams they are building. The Hope Center of Sweet Home was able to talk about how it helps LOCAL women in bad situations. I was able to speak up for 147 Million Orphans by running a table with the help of a couple of fabulous friends and helped to inform many of the state of the worlds orphan crisis. Jessica Richardson spoke as a former victim of trafficking and first truly stirred hearts, shocked almost everyone, and started the tears. Dr Bill Hillar, (who's story inspired the movie Taken) further stirred emotions. When he told point blank how his daughter was kidnapped, drugged, sold, raped, tortured, and literally mutilated for trying to escape, there was not a single dry eye or jaw NOT dropped on the ground. After all of that heart wrenching speaking, we closed it up with the most amazing time of worship ever that reminded us that we are all God's children and that he LOVES US!

The main goal going in wasn't to put on a great was to raise awareness about Human Trafficking, the orphan crisis, and the unnecessary lack of clean water and food for much of the world. I would say that goal was definitely accomplished. And the best part is that it was all God. Gotta Love It!!!

Here are a few links to articles about the event, and some pictures to give you an idea of what it looked like.

Democrat Herald
Lebanon Express



Erica said...

Amazing! Do you have shirts left still? I'm a little slow on the draw...;)

Lara said...

That's so exciting! I'm bummed I never got to order a t-shirt. We have ZERO extra funds right now with adoption paperwork!

Connie said...

Hi Jenn,
SO glad to see pics and hear how the Lord worked through the event. May the ripple effects produce much fruit for His glory, and for the spread of His delivering gospel grace to many.

lesli said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I love your post on this event! What an awesome way to raise awareness and to bring glory to God's work in this much need areas!! I'd be happy to be included on your fundraising post and really appreciate any ideas you have for orphan Sunday. My husband and I have requested a meeting with our Pastors to see what ideas they have too...