Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love to Junk Posse!!!!

A few months back I had the opportunity to FINALLY order something for myself for Mother's Day from JUNK POSSE! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE her work!!  We worked together and she came up with this design for me.  The back charm says "LIVE LOVE HOPE PRAY"

Knowing how kind of a heart she has, and that most of her work goes to orphans and adopting families and such, I ventured out and asked about a possible donation to raffle off a necklace at our Recycle Love Festival.  I have to say how amazing she is!  First off, she didn't just send one necklace....she sent TWO!  Above and beyond what we had asked for.  Secondly.... I am IN LOVE with the necklaces she made!  Her are pics of what she did for us.... the first one is perfect and simply has our "Love is not for sale" that we used as part of our motto for Human trafficking awareness, and the second one has the dove the we used on our Beloved Be Free design and prayer team t-shirt, and on the back it says "Set yourself free and fly".  I am totally going to order a dove necklace!!  :)

Anyway....head on over to Junk Posse, look at her AMAZING stuff and help orphans and adopting families in the process!!! 



Erica said...

Tracy truly is amazing. I love love love what she did for the festival and your customer necklace! FANTASTIC! :)