Thursday, August 12, 2010


Time seems to be zooming by! There is less than a week and a half left until Recycle Love Festival! Behind the scenes EVERYONE involved has been hard at work doing their part. There have been car washes, speaking to churches, speaking with businesses, calling radio stations, giving newspaper interviews, putting posters and flyers up all over town and the neighboring towns, making those posters, a designer making us wonderful t-shirts, folding & organizing & selling & shipping t-shirts, meetings, networking....and I could still continue. But I think you get my point! ;) We are all busy. In the midst of all the "busy-ness" we are trying to take pause and remember....this is all God. It was His plan. He brought us together. It will be His spirit that will change hearts. It is only through Him that we are doing what we are doing. He is the one giving us what we need to make this happen. Without Him and what He is giving us to do what needs to be done, this Festival would not be happening.

While we are holding steady to the truth, there is warfare starting. We are being attacked by the enemy. People who have made commitments to the event are backing out, marriages are being attacked, friendships are being tested, expenses are piling up that were never supposed to be there, things are coming up that are preventing us from getting the help needed for things like car washes, people to help day of, etc... Satan is at work HARD trying to stop this event from being a success. The thought that Satan is working so hard in a way makes me rejoice.... proves that we are truly trying to love as Jesus loves us. This is now where I am asking for your help, though. Yes, I know I have asked you to buy t-shirts to give clean water to children. I have asked you to help spread the word about the event. But this is SO MUCH BIGGER! We need prayer. Prayer that through this all we stand firm in the truth. Prayer that everyone involved stays focused on what is important and is able to realize Satan is at work and not to let him in. Prayer that the Holy Spirit will be a tangible presence at the event and people will leave forever changed. Prayer that God's will be done. Prayer that hearts are changed. Prayer that lives are changed. Prayer that people who didn't know Jesus, come to know Him. Prayers over the speakers and musicians that they find just the words to use to truly make a difference in someones life. Prayer for our worship leader at the end, and the the Lord truly speaks through her and her amazing voice. Fact is...we need prayers. And I am asking for anyone out there to please join forces with us praying over this event.

Thank you for everything everyone has done thus far to support us! You are all fabulous!



sara said...

I am praying Jenn!! The battle is already won:)

Erica said...

Praying for you Jenn. For those involved, and that satan would be bound. The battle belongs to the Lord, He is our great defender. I can't wait to see what God has planned for this event! Glory to His name!