Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To Love Their Husbands Tuesdays

I am linking up with Lauren over at Living By Faith for her "To Love Their Husbands Tuesdays."

This past week husband was back at work on Monday. Which we were very excited about! And then Friday, he was laid off again. And we love our men, but you take away their ability to "be the man" and provide for their family, and well, it makes them kind of grumpy!! My husbands "outlet" is his motorcycle riding. After he received the lay-off news on Friday, his friend John asked him to go riding on Saturday for a stress reliever. Saturday was going to be my day to sneak away for a couple hours of quiet time, but I told husband to go riding instead. I spent the day with the kids cleaning, playing in the yard, and running a couple errands. About 6:30 that evening husband calls that he is on his way home. And what did he say.... "Thank you so much for letting me go riding today. I really needed it!"

Just hearing the relief and gratefulness in his voice made it worth sacrificing my own quiet time. And then just because, when he got home I helped him clean the bike, and clean up all his gear. So instead of him spending a couple hours alone doing it, we got it all done as a family (the kids love helping with daddy's motorcycle) within 45 mins and sat down to a game of Candy Land before the kids had to go to bed.

It was nothing extravagant, but knowing my husband, I knew he needed some time to let off some of the stress, and maybe even forget about things for a bit. He was appreciative, and I was appreciative that he came home less grumpy than when he left! :)



Amy said...

I'm over here from Lauren's blog. What a sweet way to show your love. It's hard to be selfless sometimes, especially when you were hoping for a little break! It's great that he expressed his thanks, which I'm sure made it incredibly worth it!

Monika said...

Oh, it´s so sweet from you, you are really great wife to your husband. I really like your post, it´s amazing. God bless you and your family!

And thank you for your post on my blog :-)

Lauren said...

That is wonderful!!! It was such a sweet gesture for you to sacrifice your alone time to let him blow of steam and relax after a rough week! I'll be praying for your husband ... I hope he finds work very very soon!

love said...

this is so important! and even though it isn't the reason you do it, you're always blessed, too!