Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recycle Love Festival

Forewarning....this will NOT be the only post about this Festival... rest assured that I will pretty much drive you crazy talking about it!  :)

First off, a little background.... when I started trying to find a new church here in our new town, I ended up contacting the pastor of the Foursquare Church asking a ton of questions.  Mitch was amazing, answered all my questions, and made us feel truly welcome.  Well, he did some "research" on us..LOL...and read my blog, Facebook posts and such.  I am SO grateful he did!  After he read a bit about what was important to me and what made me me, he told me he had someone to introduce me to that he thought I would really get along with.  Boy was he right!!  I was introduced to a wonderful woman who's heart mirrors my own on so many levels, yet she is so passionate about things and so into her walk with Jesus that she continually inspires me daily!  Her mother is absolutely wonderful and just as passionate about injustice and loving Jesus!  One day I was talking to my new friend and she was telling me about this vision she had that she and her mom were working on (with a group of friends) and would I be interested in helping out with it.  I have to say I am humbled to be part of something that I think is such an amazing thing!  God works behind the scenes for His grand plan, and I do believe that it wasn't a coincidence that our family ended up moving to this sleepy little Oregon town!

Now, I will tell you what exciting amazing things are happening here....but I think the easiest thing to do is to post parts of the letter we are sending out to people talking about it.

Learning the truth about human trafficking and its gut-wrenching exploitation, especially of children, has been appalling and disturbing. Many innocent lives, especially of young children, are being used and abused for the sake of MONEY and self-gratification. Knowing this happens around the world is a travesty but knowing it happens in our local community and State as well is very frightening. (for information on trafficking specifically in Oregon go to Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans ~ http://www.oregonoath.org/ - Please watch video at end of this web page.)

It's also surprising and eye-opening that so many are hungry or in need of clean water or medicine throughout the world but the simple and inexpensive solutions are not available to them. This information has stirred us to ACTION!!!

On August 21, 2010 (5-10pm) we will be hosting a FREE "Recycle Love" Festival at Heath Football Stadium, next to Lebanon High School, with live music, local vendors and artists, and much more. This event will be like nothing Lebanon has ever seen. We have already partnered with Show Mercy International and CARDV (Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence). Each of these organizations will be sharing about their vision and the resources they offer, and helping to spread awareness. **There is a $ 7.00 registration cost to set up a booth at the Festival.** All proceeds will go to the organizations with which we have partnered.

We have a desire and a purpose to be a "Voice" to our community-to inform, equip, and prompt action. It is up to us to stand in the gap for the sake of JUSTICE, of many innocent and hungry people throughout the world. Let us as a community LOVE others as we love ourselves.

We want to partner with you to put on, as a community, an Awareness Event to bring us all together in ONE place, to be ONE voice that will speak up and be the voice for those who have lost theirs. To challenge and encourage each other to take action in responding, by giving and actively working as ONE towards the goal of bringing JUSTICE.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the 2 organizations we are partnering with. We would love vendors joining us that night to donate what they wish and to the organization(s) of their choice, or maybe have a tip jar for donations. Thank you and we look forward to working with you! 

See what I mean?  Exciting stuff!!  If you are local to Oregon and would like to come to our festival, we would LOVE to have you!!  If you would like to be one of our vendors setting up booths, we would LOVE to have you!!  :)  If you aren't local, but would like to buy one of our t-shirts once they are ready, don't worry...I'll keep you posted!!  And if you are interested in more information check out the website I put together.   RECYCLE LOVE FESTIVAL


Connie said...

Hi Jenn,
I've checked out the Recycle Love Festival and the scribbled commitments on my calendar do not allow me to attend, but it looks like something I would like to go to if I could. I'd be happy to post something about it on my facebook and/or blog to promote it.