Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trip to Washington

Last Thursday was my mother-on-law, Doris's, 70th birthday. The trip down here is hard on her, and though it's only 4 1/2hrs, she usually has to make it in two days. Because of that she doesn't make it down as much as she used to, and so we thought we'd go to her! Since we were going to be in WA, we figured we'd try to visit as many people as we could and get as much stuff done as possible!!

I talked with mother-in-law on the phone on Wednesday AM (as we were already in the car and on our way) and told her she had a delivery coming and so I was hoping she'd be home to receive it when it got there. She said she had no plans to go anywhere and she'd be home. Well, on the trip we called to check in a couple times to see if her "delivery" had gotten there yet...and of course it hadn't, LOL, as it was US! ;) Anyway, we showed up at her door and immediately the tears started flowing! She was so glad to see us all!!

We sat around and chatted with her for a little bit and unloaded the car and the cat (since he got sick a while back, he can't be left alone....*sigh*... so he has to come with us unless I pay for boarding!) and then went off to visit my dad and Jenn. Dad had knee surgery on Thursday, so we wanted to see him before he was out of commission! It was a fabulous visit, with lots of just chatting and being entertained by the kids. And I have to be honest, it truly warms my heart to see my dad with my children. He missed out on so much in their earlier years that I would cry myself to sleep at night, and now I feel like all is well and it makes me so happy!

Thursday was Doris's actual birthday. Lenny and I snuck out early in the morning leaving Grandma to watch the kids while we went into Seattle to pick up the tickets we had already purchased for a Mariners game for her for Friday evening. We had tossed around different ideas on what to do for her, but with her health being as it is and her having a hard time getting around, we knew the M's game was something she would NEVER do on her own. The added bonus is that hubby and I are huge sports fans, and use to go to more M's games than I could begin to count when we lived in Seattle. :)

When we got back from picking up the tickets, we handed them to her and she started crying again. It was adorable!! I am not sure when the last time she was doted on for her birthday. Anyway, right after that we loaded everyone up and headed back into the city. We were off to take a ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island. The kids were so excited and it was fun to watch their little faces as they took it all in. The city skyscrapers, all the cars (UGH!!!), the Seattle Waterfront, the ferry, the actual boatride....it was so special through their eyes. Once we got off the ferry I actually dropped Doris and Lenny off at the Casino there so they could just hang out a bit alone. The kids and I headed into Poulsbo to have lunch and we messed around at the park at the Poulsbo Marina for a bit. After heading back to pick up Lenny and Doris is was back onto the ferry for the return trip to Seattle.

From there we went to my mother and brothers house for some more family visiting! I hadn't seen my brother, Connie and the girls in forever, hadn't seen mom since Thanksgiving, and had yet to meet my nephew. So of course there was plenty of catching up to do! And it was fun to snuggle with little Caylum. He is such an absolute DOLL!!! It literally pained me to have to put him down or hand him to his mommy for feeding time!

Friday morning Doris had a docs appointment, so we took the chance to just relax for the morning. But that afternoon Lenny headed to pick up an old friend from school to join us for the game, and I took the kids to spend the evening at my moms house. We met at my moms, left one car there and headed into downtown for the Mariners game. It was a Bobblehead night PLUS it was Cliff Lee's debut as a Mariner so the place was a ZOO! But we had reserved handicap parking in the garage for Doris, so for the first time ever we didn't have to park and walk a million miles! They had a wheelchair waiting for Doris to take her to our seats, and even picked her up at the seats when the game was over. It was perfect!! We had wonderful seats right behind home plate, and we got a birthday package for her. So she had a birthday message on the scoreboard, and received a nice little tote bag with a hat, ball, and lots of gift certificates.

It was an almost perfect evening!! Unfortunately the M's lost in extra innings (although they should of won but if I get started on that topic this post will go on for days!!) but I did get to see some base hits by Ichiro and Griffey, so my night was good!! Oh, and of course I had to get Griffey shirts for the children left behind at Grandmas and well, I may of splurged on one for mommy, too! (Yes, I know he is old....and pretty much done...LOL...but I LOVE me some Griffey and always have!)

Saturday morning we headed over to Lenny's sister Kim's house. We knew we were going to see them all in a couple hours at the surprise party for Doris, but she would of been suspicious if we didnt' see them, so we headed over for a bit. After we left there we went out to lunch, then headed to Lenny's twin Kristi's house for the surprise party for Doris. To say she was surprised would be an understatement!! It was great to see her so happy and feeling so loved!! Kristi and her friends Jenny and Erin did fabulous decorating the house! And then Kim and Erin made some amazing food for everyone. Kim also had a special video montage put together of Doris full of some great pictures!! This year is definitely a birthday to remember for sweet Doris!

That evening after we got back to Doris's house, hubby and I got away for a couple hours while Grandma spoiled her babies! Then bright and early Sunday we headed for home! We did take one small detour....and ended up at the beach in Lincoln City! Unfortunately the weather was crummy, but the kids still had fun.

It was weird being in WA...It is a gorgeous state, and being born and raised there I definitely love it. But after living here for a couple years now, the stress of everything up there just isn't for me anymore. There are too many people, too much traffic, too many violent crimes...it just isn't "home".

Speaking of home, I slacked yesterday. We were so busy the time we were away, that I pretty much did nothing once we got home! So today I will clean, do laundry, finish unpacking, etc... And I must say, while I do all that today...my husband is AT WORK!!! Yes, praise Jesus for that! We are tired but happy as can be in this house!! :)