Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To Love Their Husbands Tuesdays

One of my favorite blogs that I follow is Lauren over at Living by Faith. And every Tuesday she posts about ways to love your husbands, and everyone joins in. I love reading, but have never participated. Thought I'd go for it this week!!

First off, for those that don't know me that well yet, my husband is spoiled. Hence, part of the reason I haven't participated in this blog link before. I wake up before him in the morning to pack his lunch, and make sure his clothes are ready to go for the day. Then I wake him up with a cup of coffee in hand for him. He has dinner ready when he gets home from work, sweats set out in the bathroom with a clean towel ready to go to shower off the days grime....that sort of thing. I do the cleaning, the yard work, take out the garbage, the laundry, you name I do it. I take my "job" as a stay home mom and wife very serious. :) My first thought about this blog link was that there was nothing more I could really do for my husband that I already don't. But I needed to think outside the box. And this was my first week.

This past week was gorgeous weather. We worked on his motorcycle all week getting it ready for a nice ride on Friday. Come Sunday, it was the last day of nice weather and he wanted to go ride one more time before the rain set in. However, all his riding buddies were busy, and he isn't comfortable enough to go completely alone yet, as he is still only an intermediate skill rider. So I said we could go as a family!

Now, keep in mind, we only have his dirtbike. So the kids and I were going to be doing other things. I packed a picnic lunch for us all, we loaded the bike, he loaded the kids bicycles and helmets, and off we went.

Once we got there, we saw some people he knew from working on his bike a couple motnhs back. He got ready to go, and him and a couple guys took off onto the trails.

The kids got on their bikes and we went for a couple nice long rides, played around a lot in dirt, told stories, sang songs, went on "nature walks", and pretended the pickup truck was a pirate ship. Basically did what ever we could to stay occupied where there was really not much to do. Hubby checked in every once in a while, but he was mostly just off riding. After about 4 hours we were ready to go home. The kids couldn't of been any dirtier, and hubby couldn't of been any happier!

After we actually got home he even said "Thank you for suggesting we all go up there. I had a blast and really appreciate you being there and keeping the kids occupied, I know that probably wasn't easy." Mission Accomplished!! Hubby felt extra special!! :) Now I wonder what I can do this week......



Lauren said...

that is so sweet!!! Thanks for linking up!! I love it that you already spoil his socks off and still want to do more!! :)

Monika said...

Oh, it is so nice post!!! I can´t wait for another next week :-))