Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quiet Morning

I am finally sitting here enjoying a quiet morning with my computer and a cup of coffee. I haven't had that in quite a while. Isaac has been getting up by about 6 to 6:30 lately. Actually, he was up at 5 today, but by 5:45 I finally got him back to sleep for a bit.

The last few days with my little man have been hard. He is teething so terribly bad. I feel so sorry for him, as I can not really find anything to give him any relief. For the last 3 days he has done nothing but cry and scream it seems. Throw a 3 month old puppy and a 2 1/2 yr old into the mix and there is nothing but chaos! I feel bad because my patience have been non-existent. Hopefully this quiet time will help me have more patience. :)

I have been keeping pretty busy, still. I am on a huge cleaning spree. So far I have thrown away 4 bags of garbage and put 5 more boxes into our storage unit. It's frustrating because I still have like 5 storage bins of stuff that I can unpack IF I had the furniture to do it. I need bookshelves and a desk to be able to unpack them. Also, I have 4 boxes of clothes in the kids' closet of Jazmine's old stuff but I am waiting to see if any of my pregnant friends are having girls before I give them away. Today I am getting out the paint and touching up the walls and taking down the lights to clean all those fixtures and globes.

Work is going good. Kind of mellow right now, but in the next week or so we will have 3 more apartments opening up that will need to be turned over. Actually, tomorrow I am going with Diana to court to see a court eviction process. Megan (Diana's daughter) will be watching the kids. Diana said it's a super boring almost annoying process, but she want's me to know what to expect if I ever have to go in her place. Guess that means maybe I should put some makeup on! ;)


We 3 Peas said...

Wow, I would think seeing an eviction in court would be interesting. But I guess after the first time, it loses it's "appeal." I'm glad you've been able to have some relaxation time in between all of that chaos. I hope those teeth pop in soon and quit giving Isaac so much trouble.

liana said...

so i don't have you on my list!