Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I have not written anything in FOREVER it seems like! But I have been so busy. I can barely keep track of what day it is. Part of my sanity is my hour or two on the computer every day....nope! Now down to about 15 minutes.

I have been very busy working. In the last two weeks I have had 5 apartments to turn over. I will post pics of a couple of them later, but let's just say... OMG! I have no idea how people can live like that! Cleaning, painting, and repairing. I also have to do them with the kids with me...so it is hard going. I can get about an hour out of them (1 1/2 if I am lucky) then we have to go out and run, or go to the park, or just do SOMETHING. You can only keep two toddlers busy in an empty apartment with just a backpack of toys for so long. :) Oh...and the apartments cleaning and paiting are "extra". They aren't part of the regular work here at the apartments. But it is so much fun to be busy, feel useful, and multi-task everything that I am. Soon I will start being in the office a couple days a week.

Also in the middle of all this going on Lenny has been working nights. It has made things a little more hectic because I have him here during the day...when I am used to just the kids. So I spend all day crazy busy, then after he leaves at night, I spend the next two hours getting the house back in order. Some nights (okay, most) I log on to yahoo to chat with Robin and Norma, so I don't clean until I am done with that, so I haven't been crawling into bed until about 1 AM or so. And I can NOT go to bed without the house clean. I just can't. I have tried.

Lastly thrown into the mix of all of this is Riley. He is an adorable, puppy we just got on Sunday. We had to intentions of getting a dog until we are in a house, but he is so cute and needed a good home. He was kind of obnoxious but that was just because he needed attention and wasn't able to get it. So thankfully he is already almost a completely different dog with all the attention and training he is getting now.

I am sure there is more craziness to write about, but my "free" time is up!!! Back to work!! Kids to feed, dog to walk, laundry to do, an apartment to clean (not mine) and some random stuff around the complex on my "To-Do List" for the day! I am vowing to make more time for me, though. I need it! I am running short on patience these days, so hopefully that will mean more time to post again. :) Oh....and here is Riley.


We 3 Peas said...

Riley is adorable!! I'm sorry things have been so hectic for you guys lately. :( But Riley should make it all better! He's adorable!