Monday, September 22, 2008

Routine again! :)

Finally I get my "routine" back! Lenny is back working days. He is working 7-3 again, so I am hoping things get a little easier now that he isn't here during the days. It was impossible to get anything done with him working nights.

Today I am going to continue my "cleaning spree". Yesterday I tackled the kids room and the file cabinet. Threw out a box of paper recycling and two garbage bags full of toys that the kids will never miss. :) I also took apart the stove and dishwasher to "detail" clean those. Next on the agenda is the hall closet, bathroom cupboards, and on top of the fridge (I did the inside of the fridge the other day). Maybe even my bedroom closet. Oh, and I need to go through the kids clothes, too. The last three days I have not been able to put Isaac in the first outfit I grab for him. Too small. And Jazmine is getting slim pickings on the clothes, too. Time to get rid of stuff!

I also have a "To-Do" list for the apartment complex I want to get tackled. However, I do need to wait for the weather to clear up because it's all outside projects and I don't want the kids out in the rain all day.

Anyway...I think I'll go get some stuff done!!


We 3 Peas said...

Send some of that motivation my way, pleeeeease. :D And sell some of their old clothes and go shopping for new stuff!!