Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nothing exciting...

I know I haven't written in a couple days...but there hasn't been too much exciting going on. Whether finally turned nice yesterday, so until then we have been kind of stuck here in the apartment.

The Fourth of July weekend there is a family reunion in Paradise California. We are supposed to be making a road trip down there to go to it. We didn't go to last years reunion, because Isaac was still practically a newborn, plus financially it was going to be too much of a stretch. There is a pretty big wildfire right outside of Paradise, though, so we are watching that to see if it affects plans or not.

This weekend is Father's Day Weekend. Tomorrow we will go to church and grill some ShishKabobs. Not too exciting, but plenty exciting for us. Lenny is working 6 days a week right now. His work almost NEVER offers overtime, so we are trying to take advantage of the fact that they are offering it currently. It will help pay for the road trip, especially with gas prices!

That's about it for now. Excitement galore in Salem Oregon!!! :)