Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meet Suzanne!

I LOVE the blog world and how people are so easily connected! Suzanne stumbled upon my blog one day last week, so of course I had to check hers out....and I LOVED what she is doing! I just had to introduce you as part of my series of adoption spotlights!  :)  Here is her story in her own words......

Hello! We are Phil and Suzanne and were soon to be empty nesters, my youngest is a senior in high school. WERE is the operative word here! While most of our friends our age are looking forward to their kids going off to college, becoming empty nesters, and retirement, we are starting all over again! About 12 years ago the Lord placed adoption in my heart [Suzanne] and I knew that I knew that I knew that I had another child, perhaps children, somewhere on the other side of the world.

As life sometimes does, a curve ball was thrown at me and my family as I had known it was changed forever due to infidelity. Our family was destroyed and I became a single mom to my two boys. Yet the desire to adopt never left me. I’d pray, ‘Lord, if this is not from You, please take the desire from me.” The desire never left, it only became stronger. But I had no idea how to make it happen. I was a single mom - that is hard work!

Then the Lord brought a wonderful man into my life and we fell in love. We talked of marriage. I was completely up front about adoption and how I felt the Lord placed it on my heart. I told this wonderful man that adoption was in my future, and if this wasn’t something he was interested in, that was ok, it’s not for everyone, especially at our age. But I wouldn’t be able to marry him – I needed to follow where the Lord was leading me. He liked the idea of raising another child, but he felt strongly that he needed to finish his military career before we adopted. He missed a lot of his children’s growing up years due to deploying all over the world protecting our country and he didn’t want to miss out on another child’s life.

We married on Christmas Eve 2005. My husband finished serving our country in April 2010 and we’ve started our journey to find the little person the Lord has hand picked just for our family. When we crunch the numbers and see in black and white how much this adoption will cost, it is mind boggling. We serve a mighty God and we are stepping out in faith and following Him on this journey.

I feel led to pay it forward as I fundraise for our own adoption and started a fundraising blog where I plan to partner with another adopting family and help them raise funds for their adoption also. My first highlight family that I am working with are Bryan and Kim Young. Their dossier has been in Ethiopia for five months now. One Less Broken Heart is having it’s first give~away and is also selling Family Values canvases and aprons. Will you join with us and help us bring our little guys home?

Team One Less Broken Heart
Bringing them home, one orphan at a time.

 I love how they haven't even adopted yet, nor have they finished fundraising, yet they are already paying it forward!  Go check out her blog and enter the fabulous give-a-way!  There is some great stuff up for grabs!