Friday, November 19, 2010

Give-Aways and Shopping!

Have I ever said I love give-aways?  Hehehe...if not, I DO! 

First off, a reminder about the RECYCLE LOVE TEE give-away here on my blog....GO HERE for a refresher about it and to ENTER!  Only a few days left to enter and it is SO EASY!  Your choice of the Orphan Sunday tee or the Buy Less Give More tee.

After entering that give-away, hop on over to my friend Lara's blog...The Farmer's Wife.  She is doing an AMAZING give-away to raise funds for bringing their little one home from Ethiopia.  Seriously, the amount of stuff being given away is sheer craziness!!!  Go. Enter. Now!  :)

Now about some shopping.... Erica, over at The Road Less Traveled is hosting a "Shop Hop"....there are links there for adoptive families that are selling things for fundraising.  Go do some Christmas shopping there... not only do you get your shopping done, you help bring an orphan one step closer to their forever family!!

That's all for now!!  <3


Penelope said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog! You are doing amazing things here! Would love for you to spread the word about our Adoption Blog Hop!