Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Human Sacrifice and broken souls....

I had a different post I was getting on here to type today. But now I am going to save that for another day. As I was checking out my Blogger Dashboard and all the blogs I follow, I read one that was about Satan and Ugandan children. It was posted by a wonderful blogger who is adopting from Uganda, and it was just a link to a Fox News article.

It was talking about how a BBC investigation has confirmed that human sacrifice is on the rise in Uganda. And the "target" is usually children because they are "pure", however adults are also sacrificed. They will either be actually sacrificed themselves, or sometimes killed and their hearts or livers or whatever body part the "spirits" have requested are taken out and those are sacrificed, along with vases of their blood. Most times people kidnap OTHER children so they don't actually have to sacrifice their own, however they do still kill their own children if the spirits specifically ask for it. There are thousands of adults and children who go missing, and the speculation is that a good majority of those are the victims of these sacrifices. With the rise of prosperity and technology in certain areas, most of these sacrifices that are on the rise in these primitive villages are because they think it will please the spirits and make them rich. The love of money truly being the root of evil here.

I read about a 3 yr old who was kidnapped and left for dead after his penis was hacked off by a neighbor to be used as sacrifice. There was another story of a 10 yr old boy who was kidnapped and was taken to the shrine with knives ready to go to sacrifice him, but was released after they saw he was circumcised, since that made him "impure" for sacrifice. He now has to live his life in hiding. Things like circumcision, scars, and piercings are deemed "impure" so many are starting to pierce ears, circumcise their boys, and even intentionally scar their children just to keep them safe and alive.

The children in this country are already at such a disadvantage. There are more than 2 million orphans in a country about the size of the state of Oregon. And that number is estimated to rise to 8-10 million in the next few years with the continued rise of HIV/AIDS. There are children still being kidnapped and forced to be child soldiers. The ones who escape that fate have to live in hiding only traveling to find food/water at night under the cover of darkness. And then there are the children who are murdered for human sacrifice, with that number steadily on the rise. The children in Uganda are truly being targeted by Satan. We need to step in on their behalf and pray for them, donate to causes that help keep children safe or rescue them, and even welcome some of them into our homes, if that is what the Lord is calling us to do. These are God's children. Just like we are. They are our brothers and sisters.

There is another part of this news article post that breaks my heart almost as bad as these children being targeted and practically hunted. You see, the post on Fox News was just a paragraph summarizing the main points with a link to the full article ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/newsnight/8441813.stm ) on the BBC News page. But on the Fox News page people left comments about the article. And those comments made me sick. And angry. And even made me cry.

There were comments like.... (paraphrased)
~Well no wonder Africa never gets ahead still living in the dark ages like this.
~Great, now we have to worry about Ugandan's coming to the US.
~When they do come to the US and start practicing that here the Libs and ACLU will protect them and sue anyone who tries to stop since it's their freedom of expression.
~No wonder Obama never talks about his relatives in Uganda. He's going to start the same thing here, but at the reverse end of the spectrum. He'll start sacrificially killing elderly.
~Great, this is what we pay for helping every third world country under the sun. We shouldn't be paying another dime ever again.
~So? There was "child sacrifice" in the old testament of the bible.

And then there were the comments that were to be "jokes" I guess....
~Let's finance some free vacations for liberals.
~Not any different that sacrificing your children to the public school system.
~Obama's new health care plan, Witch doctors for everyone.......They work cheap and bring their own masks...
~Now let's watch the Libs slip it into the new health bill

Don't get me wrong, there were people (or should I say one person) that were offended by the article. Of 25 comments posted, 1 was about how disturbing it is.

And I am sick to my stomach. I KNOW it is not being a good child of God by judging these people who say these things. I KNOW I need to love them and just pray for them. But I find it as hard to love them and pray for them and forgive them for their ignorant comments and callous attitude as I do to pray and forgive those who actually perform the sacrifices. Things like this remind me that though there are millions of people who love the Lord and are professed Christians, there are many who keep their views to themselves, and many many more who have not come to know Jesus, our Savior yet.

I don't really have anything to "sum" up this post, but I do know that I am praying for the children of Uganda. And I will ask for forgiveness for judging people as I did today.