Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crazy Love Party

I have sat here for well over two hours deciding if I was even going to write this post. There are a million things running through my mind, and the two biggest are "I have no problem with people I don't know learning about our circumstances, but I am embarrassed for the people I do know to learn of them". And the second biggest thing in my mind is "why do I think I would even *think* to join this Crazy Love Party when there are SO MANY MORE people who either need help worse, or are trying to do amazing things in the name of the Lord".

Watching my children run and play and laugh (and even tell me I was ruining their lives while they were time out...LOL), and listening to my husband curse at his homework are what got me to decide to write it. There is nothing I won't do for those I love, so here is our current story.

Hubby is still laid off. He is a Union member in his 4th year of apprenticeship training. I have been job hunting, and he has been looking for side jobs while he waits for his name to be called off the list at the union. The fact of the matter is...we are out of money. We pay only the bills that are involved directly with living in this house and are at the point where services are at risk of getting shut off. Everything else is just piling up. As the end of the month approaches, our car payment gets later and later, and rent is looming over our heads like a dark cloud.

Due to finances, we could no longer afford the gas money to drive to our old church, but we found a fabulous church (Lebanon Foursquare) just minutes from our home a couple weeks ago. We have only been twice, but already it feels like home. I am excited to see how I can start to help with the church. Speaking of church, yes, we still continue to tithe. I truly believe it was the reason we were able to survive 8 months of unemployment last year. We continue to be faithful to God, knowing He is always faithful.

I have gone to all the resources available here in town for help with rent this month (Community Services, Salvation Army, etc...), and the rest is up to the good Lord. If we are unable to come up with rent, we will give up this house and move in with hubbys mother in WA, where she would welcome us with loving arms. The only reason we are so desperate to stay right here is that if we move, then hubby loses the last 4 years of hard work he has put into his apprenticeship program because he can't transfer. We realize that if it comes to that, it is all part of God's plan for our lives. In the mean time, we continue to faithfully pray that hubby gets called out to work soon so we don't have to do this again next month and just wait to see what God has in store for us.


I would love for people to take a look around my blog, get a feel for my heart and my family. Even take a peek at my children's blog if you'd like! My Children My Heart



Lori in KY said...

"why do I think I would even *think* to join this Crazy Love Party when there are SO MANY MORE people who either need help worse, or are trying to do amazing things in the name of the Lord".

You know, the same thought entered my mind as I was writing my Crazy Love Party post. But I did go ahead and write because it occured to me...
There is nothing the enemy would love better than for us to NOT write these posts and to NOT receive the help we need. Not only that, but you know that if we DO receive the help, the LORD will receive the praise and glory and HIS NAME will be spread, children will have families, and lives will be won for the kingdom of God.

What we think is humility (and really mean as a "you-first" mentality) can often be used by the enemy to keep us from stepping out to do things that need to be done!

I hope you get what you need to cover your bills with enough left over for NEXT MONTH's!!! All for the prais and glory of JESUS!

Dana said...

I think it took some awesome God-Guts to post this. I think you must rock!! :o)
Ive been sitting here reading all the posts on Crazy Love... thinking, I dont think I will post, but now, after reading yours, I think I will...
We dont have an abundance... but I think I would like to help you in some way.
I know I can pray, and I definitly will. Um... I have never done this, but do you have a paypal account?

kym said...

Me too, do you have a paypal account?
We have gone without a job, and struggled and I was strengthened and renewed by your honesty! Especially about the kids yelling and husband! :) (I am usually the one cursing!:)hee hee)
Thanks for reminding me HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!
my email is please email me your paypal account.

Leah W said...

I have been going around and donating to all the people who are linked on Linny's site that have "chip in" buttons. besides that I don't know how to donate to people who don't.

just a thought, i would add one :)

btw, when I say I am donating to all I mean only a few dollars to each. but if everyone that read her blog did it what a difference it would make!

Talley Images said...

I would like to help you in some small way as well... do you have a paypal account? If not email me at talleyimages (at) yahoo (dot) com and send me your address... Keep up the faith, God is listening!

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