Friday, December 18, 2009

Church talk

When we first moved to town someone told my husband about a church we had to check out. They said it was great. AND IT WAS!!!! Truth be told...when we first drove up to it that first day, we almost turned around and went home. It was big. Way too big for us and our preference for small little community churches. But we figured we drove all the way there....may as well check it out. It was fabulous. The pastor had me in TEARS from laughing so hard! We left that first day and my sides hurt! So we went back. And have never tried anywhere else because we just loved to listen to him! Earlier this year, the Pastor got offered a job as President of a bible college in Cali. It was a great opportunity, so he took it. Our church floundered around a bit for a couple months with guest speakers and sermons by the assistant pastors. But we were really struggling to enjoy the church any longer. However, we decided to hang out and see who the "new" pastor would end up being. Our new pastor came, and he was just as fun to listen to, and made me laugh almost just as much. We were happy and stayed.

Now I am thinking it may be time to venture out and try something new. The church is great, don't get me wrong, but I just am not sure it's for me any longer. It feels more like a "big" church than it used to. If you aren't part of one of the bible study groups or part of the "clique" then it's hard to get anything from anyone. Phone calls go unanswered. Emails are answered with practically form letters. Interest shown in wanting to be part of the service teams are not replied to. The only people who "know" me are the child care workers. And that used to be okay for me. I enjoyed my anonymity. Now I feel an urging for "more".

There is a church that opened a couple months ago not too far from here, just over the river. I first noticed it while the building was being remodeled and had a sign mentioning that a new church was coming. And ever since that first time I noticed the sign about it....every time I drive my it catches my eye. I always look at it. I always have to read the sign. I always "wonder" what it's like inside. I am now thinking that it may be God's way of saying "check it out". Or I could be crazy... but I think I am going to go this week. I am not going to lie...I may chicken out. I might stick to my comfort zone. And if I do, I'll use my children as an excuse...I'll say it is cuz they love their Sunday School classes so much I don't want to jostle them around. But hopefully I'll take a step out and try something new. Might just be what my soul needs!