Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rainy Saturday Morning

For starters, let me send tons of love and thank you's to Ame, Brandi, and Erika!! I love you girls!!! Thanks for being there!!!

I think the other day was my "bottom" that I hit. I have felt much better the last couple days. I think my biggest problem is that I hold so much in. Everything. So it gets to me. As soon as I have a meltdown, get something off my chest, etc... I always feel a ton better. I think that may of been just what I needed. And then I had my fabulous friends remind me that even though I may "feel" alone, I am not. Part of the reason I hold everything in is to not appear like I can't handle stuff, but also because the saying "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle" really hits home. I am determined to enjoy this life I have, whatever the circumstances, but I am human. Every once in a while that little demon slips into my mind and has me wishing for an easier time. If I could just keep him at bay, I wouldn't even need to have my mini-meltdowns. :)

Now in other news...I have decided that this fabulously rainy Saturday afternoon has been given to me so I can catch up on my house work. I must embarrassingly admit, I have been in such a funk, that I haven't even felt like cleaning. (And we KNOW how much I love to do that!!!) I have kept up with the easy stuff, but the place needs a good dusting and mopping, that is for sure!! And everything I haven't felt like dealing with was just relocated to my bedroom. So I am going to get in there and make some serious progress today!! (Well, that's the game plan, anyway........)


We 4 Peas said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, Jenn. And just know that we ALLLLL have those meltdowns and demons to battle. *hugs* Now, when you're done there, I could use some help cleaning here. ;)

Cara said...

(((hugs)))) I think you are an amazing person and awesome mommy. You are rich in ways that others may never be. And I must add *beautiful*!