Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nothing is too big for God!!

I just had to pass this on and ask for help!! There is a precious 2 day old baby boy who was born with Down Syndrome. The adoptive family that was already lined up for him backed out as soon as they heard he was born with DS. In what can only be a GOD MIRACLE, there was a family who instantly stepped up ready to bring him this precious angel. They are ready to LOVE HIM right now!! Here is the catch..... they have to pick him up from the hospital tomorrow, and need to come up with the $14.4k in adoption fees TODAY!!! This baby boy can go home to a loving family who wants to shower him with love and teach him what a perfect being he is being a child of God. Can we help them do that??? Here is the link to the blog giving a little back ground....

FROM THE HEART - Raising a Ransom for LIFE

The link in the post to donate doesn't work, but PayPal donations can be made to

They have already come up with $3300! God is at work and it's amazing!! Lets be part of this!!!!



kym said...

Jenn, I posted this on FB!!! I think that they got the money!!!
Isn't it amazing how God works...
whooo hooooo! Gotta love those babies!