Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beach and more

Life has just been a little crazy right now. I feel like I never have enough time on the computer to actually sit down and type. I will do an "update" on life right now, then I am committing to keeping up on the blog to help my sanity again! :)

On the homefront Lenny still isn't working, but we are managing to get by without my going back to work. That is a blessing I am definitely grateful to the Lord for every single day! I am also thankful that I haven't wanted to strangle him very often! ;) Although he still does hog the computer AND the remote!!

The children are awesome. I just can not get over how "grown up" my Jazzie Mae is. I was watching her sleep last night and started crying. Tears of joy because she is so wonderful, but also tears of sadness that she is growing up so fast. She is just the most wonderful blessing ever. She has the biggest, purest heart, and is so polite and has such awesome manners. She loves everything and everybody, and gets her feelings hurt so very easily. And I can't even put into words how smart she is. I am so very proud of her!! She already talks about going to school everyday. And she has such a love of dancing. Everyday she puts on her ballet slippers and dances for me. I am doing everything I can to save money to enroll her in lessons when the studio takes in new toddlers at the summer session.

Isaac is just as wonderful. Thankfully the tantrums are slowly going away. And when he does have them they are shorter each time. He, too, is so very smart. Although he tends to surprise me. Jazmine was always counting, saying ABC's, pointing out colors and shapes, etc... But Isaac is just rough and tumble boy all the way and always acts like he isn't paying attention when I am trying to teach him. Then suddenly he starts singing ABC's or his states and I am just in awe. I guess because he doesn't do it very often, so when he shows off what he knows I am surprised he was actually listening. He is also so very polite with great manners. We were walking through WalMart the other day and he cut somebody off in the aisle, and looked up and said "excuse me, I'm sorry." The person was in complete shock! So cute hearing such politeness out of such a little guy! The other thing he is always doing is trying to be just as "grown up" as Sissy. The highchair has been gone for months, and he is already working on getting out of diapers. He also is always looking after Jazmine. He gets juice, and asks for some for her. Daddy hides something from her playing around, and he goes and finds it and gives it back to her. He may be the little brother, but I have a feeling he will be the protector in the very near future!

As for other things, we just got back from the Coast. This time we drove to the Southern Coastline. We spent time in Bandon, and Port Orford. The area is now officially my new favorite place to go here in Oregon. We spent hours and literally walked miles of coastline looking for stones and sealife. I found agates, opal, jade, coral, fossils, and gorgeous pieces of driftwood. We stumbled upon a family of stellar sealions just off shore, saw a whale spout, and searched through tidepools of sea anemones and starfish. It truly was refreshing for my soul.

My favorite little beach we found by accident in Port Orford had some sand, then a huge gravel bar. And the water dropped off so fast, that there were the biggest waves I had ever seen on the Oregon Coast. HUGE! You could literally sit down on the gravel bar and find precious stones and rocks right in your same spot for a good half hour or more before moving. It was so much fun! I have never "hunted" for some of natures treasures like that before and am hooked! I can't wait to go back. And I also can't wait to do some fun things with the goodies I got this trip! Here is a pic of my fav shells and driftwood I grabbed. The pics of the stones are proving a little difficult. I'll keep trying to get them in focus.
I am determined to get back to that stretch of Coast as soon as I can!!