Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthday, really????

Today we are going to the beach. Lenny got laid off yesterday, which we knew was coming, so all 7 of us are heading to Lincoln City for some sun, surf, and seafood! However, Lenny said we could do it to celebrate my birthday. Really??? My birthday?? Already?

Yep. Next weekend I will celebrate my 32nd birthday. I knew it was coming. I have just been avoiding it. By him mentioning celebrating it (since we have obligations next weekend) it was thrown back in my face. It kind of makes me sick to my stomach in a way to think that I am getting so old. I do admit that I am grateful I don't look my age. But being 32 is a hard one to wrap my mind around.

I guess I won't. I'll continue to avoid it. Pretend we are celebrating something else at the beach today. :) I can do that. At least for another week! :)


Ame said...

i made it through 32 for 5 months now so you can too! "OLD LADY!!!"

Stephanie said...

Happy Early Birthday Jenn! Just look at it like another year...LOL!